What steps can your organization take in its journey to improve?



  Georgia Oglethorpe offers four steps or options to learn and use the Criteria for Performance Excellence in your organization. 


Click any of the four steps below to go directly to the Criteria booklet. Note: Step 2 and Step 3 use the same Criteria booklet. Step 4 uses the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence booklet.


        Step 1: Georgia Focus Recognition (PDF Doc)  (Word Doc)

        Step 2: Georgia Challenge Award

        Step 3: Georgia Progress Award

        Step 4: Georgia Oglethorpe Award


Description of the Four Steps

Click here for a thorough explanation of each of the four steps in terms of application requirements, level of detail, expected participation in the Georgia Oglethorpe program, and award eligibility.


Forms and Information Needed to Submit Your Self-Assessment


Eligibility/ Intent to Apply Form (pdf)


Application Form (pdf)


Site Listings And Descriptors Form (pdf)


Request Additional Information (e-mail)