The Georgia Oglethorpe Award Story




While searching for the right design and look for the Georgia Oglethorpe Award, we spoke to many potential vendors. We wanted something very special, which made a statement of exceptional quality and was preferably made in Georgia.

What did we select to meet our unique expectations?

An original hand-etched model of our distinguished Georgia Oglethorpe Award logo, created by the world renowned Frabel Studio. Hans-Godo Frabel established the Frabel Studio in Atlanta in 1968.

The Award is commissioned by Georgia Oglethorpe Award Process, Inc. for each of its Award recipients and is created from hot boron glass.

The Award represents an original handcrafted work by one of the Frabel studio artisans. It bears the date of its completion and the "FS" signature/mark of the Frabel Studio.

We know you will agree, it represents the highest level of American craftsmanship. It represents the hard work and achievements of the many people that have worked so hard to earn this special award.