Examiner Information


If you are interested in becoming an examiner, please review a BOE Application (Board of Examiners) which  is available for download. After reviewing the application, if you have any comments or questions, please complete our examiner information form. We currently maintain a list of those parties interested in becoming a member of the Board of Examiners.


In support of Georgia Oglethorpe, experts from within and outside of Georgia make a major contribution. They support our state’s effort to promote continuous evaluation, learning and improvement, by serving as Assessors in this process. In turn, these individuals bring back to their supporting organizations, an increased level of understanding in systems thinking. In this context, systems thinking means viewing your organization as a whole, and understanding the interdependencies and linkages among the sub parts, which make up and impact that whole.

We do accept broad backgrounds of experience when selecting individuals to serve as examiners and we teach you the assessment process. We seek people who have demonstrated they are leaders, and who have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Preferred qualifications include practical business experience within your chosen field, whether business, industry, government, education, healthcare, or nonprofit. Although not essential, we also look for individuals who have knowledge of, and are experienced in, working with the Criteria for Performance Excellence.

We seek to ensure broad representation from all eligibility categories listed in paragraph one. We are particularly interested in attracting examiners with senior and middle management, line management, operations management, and small business management experience. Additionally, examiners with experience in areas such as auditing, finance, quality, human resource management, ISO, marketing, performance management, organizational development, strategic planning, etc. are desired.

If you believe you might qualify, and are willing to make the commitment of time and energy –we invite you to apply during our next recruiting cycle. You will benefit from the networking and educational experience of being an examiner and many describe it as one of their most intellectually challenging and rewarding experiences.  

We look forward to hearing from you.


Victoria Currie Taylor, Executive Director