Governor's Message


I am honored to have presented the 2003 Georgia Oglethorpe Award to The Boeing Company, Macon, who by receiving the award, represents the best of Georgia organizations. With a focus on continuous improvement, this Georgia Oglethorpe Award-winning organization has made excellence a part of its culture and is a model for others to learn from and emulate. The greatness of Georgia is, and will always be, our people—our optimism, our enterprise, and our compassion for one another. I, therefore, commend all of the employees at the Macon facility for their leadership, innovation, and commitment to achieving this highest honor for performance excellence.

Applying for the Georgia Oglethorpe Award is not an easy path to take. The application process is rigorous and thorough. The organization undergoes a tremendous amount of self-assessment and its application is scrutinized in-depth by well-trained examiners. Receiving this prestigious award qualifies Boeing as one of Georgia’s models of performance excellence. Boeing is now part of an elite group of Georgia Oglethorpe Award winners, along with Turner Studios, Georgia Department of Defense, Facilities and Operations Division of Gwinnett County Public Schools, Stephens County Middle School, Prestolite Wire Corporation, Delta Air Lines-Technical Operations Division, TSYS, Inc., and U.S. Army Infantry School and Center.

I encourage all Georgia organizations to take the Georgia Oglethorpe challenge and start the self-assessment process to apply for the Award.

My Administration is committed to changing the culture of state government to be principle-centered, people-focused, and customer-friendly. These three goals are major tenets of the Georgia Oglethorpe Criteria. Under my leadership, we work every day to achieve the vision for The New Georgia. It takes relentless commitment and continuously being mindful that government is truly "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

The Georgia Oglethorpe Award process is an incredible opportunity for all companies and nonprofit organizations in the State of Georgia. Together, we can build The New Georgia —the educated, productive, healthy, safe, and growing Georgia that we all desire. Take the Georgia Oglethorpe challenge now!

May God bless the great State of Georgia!


Governor, State of Georgia