Georgia Oglethorpe Award Process, Inc.

Georgia Oglethorpe Award Process, Inc. (Georgia Oglethorpe) is an educationally based economic development initiative aimed at raising the performance bar of Georgia’s organizations and people. There are many facets to Georgia Oglethorpe. These include the Georgia Oglethorpe Award (an assessment, feedback and recognition process), the Georgia Oglethorpe Annual Conference & Awards Banquet, the annual Board of Examiners training, the Governor’s Challenge (a facilitated self-assessment for small business), and other initiatives – all focused on driving continuous improvement, recognizing excellence, and celebrating achievements together. In achieving our intent we encourage education and training at every level of an organization in systems thinking and technical knowledge and supportive behaviors. 

Our key deliverable, the Georgia Oglethorpe Award, includes high-value, low-cost assessment and feedback for applicant organizations, and is Georgia’s highest level of recognition for organizational performance excellence. It is open to business, industry, government, education, healthcare and non-profit organizations. There is no limit on the total Award recipients in a given year since competition is solely against the Criteria for Performance Excellence (the same as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria). There also is no guarantee of an Award recipient in a given year, since the process is about raising the performance bar rather than selecting the best of what is available. 

Georgia Oglethorpe is run as a non-profit 501{c}{3} organization, and is located at the Georgia Department of Labor. Founding organizations include the Governor’s Office, United Parcel Service (Executive Sponsor), Total System Services, Inc., the Georgia Department of Labor, and Forces Command of the United States Army. Georgia Oglethorpe is sustained primarily through financial support it receives from UPS, BellSouth, and Georgia Power, as well as through revenue it generates.  

An Executive Board oversees Georgia Oglethorpe and includes Jim Kelly, Chairman & CEO, United Parcel Service, Rick Ussery, Chairman & CEO, Total System Services, Inc., Horst Schulze, President & COO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., Jane Cline, Chairman & CEO, General Box Company, and other top leaders from key organizations representing business, industry, government, education, healthcare and non-profit organizations. The Executive Board is unique in bringing together the various sector organizations that make up our communities throughout Georgia. This varied representation encourages viewing the State as an interdependent system, and provides the various sector groups a voice in leadership.